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Khadijah Khalid

Speech-Language Therapist

Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) Speech Pathology

Master of General and Applied Linguistics (Advanced)

Advanced Certified Autism Specialist

Khadijah Khalid is a speech-language therapist who graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) Speech Pathology from Universiti Sains Malaysia and holds a Master of General and Applied Linguistics (Advanced) from The Australian National University.  She is also an Advanced Certified Autism Specialist.


She has a lot of experience working in a variety of settings i.e. community-based rehabilitation centres, schools, hospitals and private centres. She has worked with people of all ages with various disabilities and difficulties e.g. children with autism spectrum disorder, children with speech and language delay, children with feeding difficulties, adults that have experienced strokes or traumatic brain injuries and other developmental delays and disorders.


Khadijah is fervent with her coaching and uses a holistic approach as she helps the individuals under her care reach their potential through their abilities. She also believes that inter-professional and family involvement will help children and individuals with special needs to unleash their new potential.

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