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E-book: 10 Physical Activities & Language Stimulation

E-book: 10 Physical Activities & Language Stimulation


This book is written to help parents and guardians cultivate the skills that children need to become physically literate (physical literacy) and at the same time can help support their language and speech development.


    This book is not a tool for diagnosing or as a substitute for professional services. It is only used for a purpose  education.


    1. "Thank you for the very best and comprehensive e -book. It's easy to understand. There are pictures to support so that parents understand" -Pn. Izwani
    2. "Can understand and simple command" -En. Kayrul
    3. “I really like the activities in this e -book” - Pn. Ain
    4. "Alhamdulillah ... even though it's only 4 days, there are changes in the child. The child is diligent in telling stories and listening to instructions ... although sometimes he stutters when he is excited to tell a story when he can catch the ball ... but it seems that he is less and less That stutter ... alhamdullilah "-Mrs. Diamond
    5. "It is very helpful for me to make therapy with children at home" -Mrs. Shafinaz
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